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The new standard in keeping your team safe.

Unprecedented situational awareness. Endless uses. Simple to use - almost no training required. Smartphone compatible. And all for 1/3rd or less the cost of traditional systems.


Many Users, Viewing All Directions, Simultaneously.

Traditional cameras force you to see the world as if through a straw - with a limited field of view. Our cameras see in all directions AT THE SAME TIME. This means one user can look left, another can look right, and if they both miss something behind them they can scroll back in time and replay video from that perspective. 


Cutting edge stabilization.

Our cameras maintain vertical and horizontal video stability even as the system rolls, bounces, or hangs on a rope. That means you can keep your bearings and know your 12 o'clock regardless of what happens to the camera after you deploy it.



So many uses, it replaces half your kit with one camera

Why buy a pole cam, surveillance cam, K-9 camera, and training system when you can replace them ALL with one, low-cost tool?


Be In Middle of the Action. Even 1000 Miles Away.

Many ways to connect - from camera-generated WiFi network for the local team, to long-range extenders, to cloud-sharing of video on the other side of the state, country, or world.


Cloud Streaming

Our new cloud streaming service allows relay from a user's phone or directly from our new Verizon 4G-LTE-enabled units over secure 256-AES encryption to authorized users anywhere in the world. This allows a commander in Washington, DC to be providing real-time support to a team in Alaska.