Can Many Users Connect at the Same Time?

Yes. Anyone with the app and the passcode can connect at the same time. We recommend 4-5 max operationally, but we've seen as many as a dozen connect at once in classroom settings.

Why are some cameras black and white vs color?

Our tactical edition cameras use near-infrared flash that is best seen with monochrome (black and white) cameras. Monochrome image sensors are also 40% more light sensitive and so offer better low-light performace. Therefore all our tactical cameras are monochrome. However in rescue settings, color is important and stealth is not, so color cameras with visible light flash are an option.

What's your battery life?

With the flash on, 2.5+ hours. With the flash off, 4-5 hours. 4G-LTE cameras have about 30 minutes shorter run-time because the modem draws more power. All our cameras have a battery-saver mode which the user can select to lower frame rate and stretch battery lfe 20-30%

What's your warranty?

See terms and conditions, but for one year we will repair or replace units used according to our test parameters (e.g. drops from 7 feet onto concrete, 15 minute simulated rainstorm, etc) in the first year. Repairs after the first year are at cost (tend to be pretty low). Extended warranties may be purchased, but are not required.