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Bounce Imaging, Inc. Minimum Advertised Price Policy


The scientists and engineers at Bounce Imaging, Inc. (“Bounce Imaging”) have been advancing the way dangerous environments can be identified.  Bounce Imaging is dedicated to helping police and first responders use remote sensing technologies to identify hazards and dangerous environments with minimized risk. 


Bounce Imaging recognizes that its dealers invest time and resources to provide extraordinary customer service and support by knowledgeable staff.  Advertising and sales practices that promote Bounce Imaging products primarily on the basis of low price could be detrimental to our resellers’ service and support efforts.  To help protect the investment of resellers, and to preserve Bounce Imaging’s reputation for providing customers with high value products, strong after-sales support, and to preserve its competitiveness in the marketplace, Bounce Imaging is unilaterally instituting a Minimum Advertised Price policy (“MAP”).


Effective as of August 1, 2016, Bounce Imaging will unilaterally establish and enforce its MAP policy on all distributors, resellers and dealers (collectively “Reseller”) of Bounce Imaging products. The MAP policy will apply to all Resellers in North America.


1.                   MSRP.  All Bounce Imaging products (“Product”) sold will have a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (“MSRP”) and Resellers will only advertise Product at or above MSRP.  Listing a price lower than MSRP next to the Product in any advertising will be deemed a violation of this MAP policy.  The MAP applies only to the Reseller’s advertised prices, not selling prices.  Resellers that purchase products for resale are free to sell Products at whatever price they choose.  Resellers that only take orders for products may only offer a discount with the prior written consent of Bounce Imaging.


2.                   Application.  This MAP policy applies to all advertisement of Products in any media or form including the Internet.  Website features such as “Click for Price”, pre-formatted and “bounce – back” email pricing or automatic displays and similar features are considered to be “advertising”.  MAP Pricing must be displayed on the “Catalog Page” (page that displays when the site is searched for a generic product description such as “camera” or a specific description such as “Bounce Imaging camera”).  Prices with “strike-thru” or no price with a redirection to “Check-Out” or “Cart” to see a price that is below MAP is considered a violation.  Using advertised discounts on products when added to a web-cart is not permitted (e.g. a Reseller cannot state “10% off Bounce Imaging products” or “10% off all products when added to cart.”).  Once pricing is associated with an actual purchase as part of a “check-out” process, and the customer is paying for the Product, the price becomes the selling price and is not subject to this MAP policy.  A sale price next to a Product in a brick and mortar retail store, intended only for customers in such store, will not be a violation of this MAP policy. 


3.                   Price Strategies.  This section applies to Resellers that purchase Product from Bounce Imaging for resale, and not to Resellers that only pass orders to Bounce Imaging for direct purchase by customers.  It will not be a violation to advertise that the Reseller has “the lowest prices” or will match or beat its competitors’ prices, or to use similar phrases so long as the Reseller does not include any advertised price below MAP.  It will be the responsibility of the Reseller to monitor its online sales strategies to ensure compliance with the MAP policy.  By way of illustration only, Google Checkout will advertise the last price paid. Therefore, when products are sold at prices below MAP, an advertising event occurs to the next consumer because they see the product and the” last price sold” without having to “add to cart” or take other permitted action under this MAP policy.  This inadvertent advertising is not permitted and must be monitored by the Reseller.


4.                   Promotions and Manufacturer’s Rebate.  Bounce Imaging may in its sole discretion determine that Products may be advertised for a limited time at prices lower than MSRP and will so notify Resellers in writing.  In Bounce Imaging’s sole discretion it may offer a direct manufacturer’s rebate to customers.  During such periods it will not be a violation of this MAP policy to advertise the availability of the manufacturer’s rebate, provided that the advertisement clearly shows a MAP-compliant price, the rebate amount, and the net price after manufacturer’s rebate, all in the same type size and style.


5.                   Bundling.  Any “bundling” of Products with any other product or service, or advertising the inclusion of free or discounted products with a Bounce Imaging Product is only permitted if the total retail value of all products and/or services not provided by Bounce Imaging is under fifty dollars (US $50.00) and the MSRP for the Bounce Imaging Product is specified.  By way of example, a bundle for a Bounce Imaging Product with and MSRP of $599.00, and a storage card with a retail value of $35.00 might be shown as: “Bundle for $599.00; Bounce Imaging Product MSRP $599.00 and storage card a $634.00 value.”




7.                   Enforcement.  Bounce Imaging may monitor the advertised price of dealers or distributors, either directly or through the use of third party agencies.  It will be in Bounce Imaging’s sole discretion to determine whether or not any activity is a violation of or intended to circumvent the intent of its MAP policy. 


Product MSRP


See your online price list for more information. If you cannot find that guide, please contact